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Absolute Payroll Inc now offers ApplicantStack Recruit. This intuitive recruiting solution is helping thousands of businesses prosper in today’s competitive hiring environment. 

If you want to improve your hiring outcomes, this is your easy-to-use, affordable recruiting software solution.

Here are 5 vital benefits:

1. ApplicantStack Recruit Improves Your Bottom Line

Hiring tools like ApplicantStack Recruit provide a significant ROI. 

A small company with just eight employees can save up to $10,000 in wasted time and effort using an ATS. 

2. ApplicantStack Recruit Automates The Tedious Part of Recruiting

The recruitment process is both administrative and strategic. ApplicantStack Recruit helps with both. It handles hundreds of applications, resumes, and other workflows. This allows your Human Resources team to refine your hiring methods. It removes the tedium. Your hiring team will thank you!

3. ApplicantStack Recruit Helps You Find Higher Quality Employees

ApplicantStack Recruit helps you identify top job seekers and present an offer before they are hired by one of your competitors. These high-demand individuals drive business growth.

ApplicantStack Recruit also decreases the time it takes for the new hire to start contributing. ApplicantStack Onboard (the companion onboarding software) further shortens time-to-productivity.

4. Your Competitors Are Probably Using An ATS

98% of Fortune 500 companies and at least 66% of large companies use it. The percentage of small businesses is lower, but climbing. Last year, about 35% of small organizations used ATS.

Don’t forget that you also compete with recruiting agencies. The ATS adoption rate for professional recruiters is nearly 100%.

5. ApplicantStack Recruit Makes Collaboration Easy

Getting input from all parties improves the quality of hire. But if this lengthens the process, the best potential employees will go elsewhere instead of waiting for you to make a decision.

ApplicantStack Recruit simplifies collaboration. Each decision maker can enter notes and ratings for job applicants. Because it’s cloud-based, you can access it from any connected device.

6. ApplicantStack Recruit Narrows Down The Application Pool Quickly

First, you create a job posting. ApplicantStack Recruit posts it to your choice of online job boards. As the applications come in, it collects and organizes them in a central database. 

The resume parsing process is super slick. To filter resumes, ApplicantStack Recruit uses keywords from the job posting. It matches the keywords with those found in the resumes. 

Consider how long it takes you to read one resume. ApplicantStack Recruit can parse hundreds of resumes in the time it takes you to read one. This process eliminates the applicants who don’t have the necessary qualifications. It creates a pool of qualified candidates quickly.

7. ApplicantStack Recruit Posts To Multiple Online Job Boards

With ApplicantStack Recruit, you can post to LinkedIn, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, and Monster with one click. It will also post to your social media sites and careers page.

8. ApplicantStack Recruit Is Affordable

Because Recruit is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, you don’t need to pay a big upfront fee. Contact a specialist at Absolute Payroll Inc (1 (888) 223-3450) to find the exact price for your company.

9. ApplicantStack Recruit Improves Collaboration

You are more likely to find high qualityjob applicants if everyone can evaluate the final pool easily. But if this evaluation process slows everything down, the top job candidates will lose interest.

To learn more about ApplicantStack Recruit, contact us today!

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