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Today’s post is for nurse managers currently using inadequate scheduling tools.

When caring for patients, nurses live in a world of cutting-edge devices and sophisticated data management systems that have significantly upgraded the way they perform their jobs. Despite having advanced equipment for patient care, many nurse managers still use archaic scheduling processes that hearken back to the days of the mercurial glass thermometer.

The continual havoc this creates in healthcare facilities contributes to nurse burnout, which affects the whole staff and, most importantly, the patients. Combine this with an acute shortage of RNs in many areas of the country, and you have a crisis on your hands.

The most prevalent staffing challenges nurse managers deal with:

  • Understaffing
  • Departmental staffing imbalances
  • Last-minute shift cancellations
  • Inability to forecast staffing needs
  • Nurse burnout due to scheduling frustration

TimeSimplicity Is An Easy Pill To Swallow

Absolute Payroll Inc is devoted to helping healthcare providers utilize the latest technology to solve these pressing staffing problems. Industry-leading TimeSimplicity is the most powerful automated system for nurse scheduling.

Eliminate Coverage Gaps and Departmental Imbalances

TimeSimplicity allows you to create nurse schedules in minutes with easy drag-and-drop functionality. Create a standard schedule from one of the built-in templates and then customize per shift, department, employee group, day of the week, or other facility-specific factors.

Define nurse schedules with settings for shift duration, overtime, and shift proximity. It also monitors individual worker certification expiration dates.

Reduce Last-minute Shift Cancellations

The mobile notifications tool of TimeSimplicity permits nurse managers to send out email and text alerts, immediately notifying all qualified personnel of the cancelled shift. A nurse who wants the extra shift can immediately accept it, whereupon the supervisor can approve the change in real time. The nurse manager doesn’t need to guess which specific nurse wants to pick up a shift that day.

Total Transparency Reduces Confusion

All personnel have 24/7 access to the centralized, online Virtual Trade Board which shows which employees have requested a shift change or additional shifts. The transparency of cloud-based schedule management ensures that all employees stay informed every step of the way.

Forecast Staffing Needs

TimeSimplicity gives nurse managers innovative tools to assess attendance history, discover trends, and forecast future needs. As the weeks go by, managers have an ever-increasing amount of key data to help improve the accuracy of scheduling.

Personalized Scheduling Makes Nurses Lives Easier

Nurses work long shifts with onerous patient loads. When they can’t achieve a healthy work/life balance due to scheduling headaches, it’s no wonder many reach a breaking point. Stressed nurses endanger patients.

TimeSimplicity allows supervisors to set minimum/maximum hour preferences per nurse. Customizable overtime alerts warn managers when a nurse is approaching overtime. Automated time-off requests simplify life for busy nurses. Mobile Employee Self Service (ESS) empowers nurses to check their schedule, shift opportunities, and accruals from anywhere.

Simple to Use

TimeSimplicity is an easy, reasonably priced advanced scheduling solution that integrates with our TimeWorksPlus time and attendance tool. Call Absolute Payroll Inc at 1 (888) 223-3450 to learn more about TimeSimplicity, including the payroll integration and compliance features. We look forward to sharing a demo with you.

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