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‘EX’ is popping up everywhere on Human Resources sites. It’s the abbreviation for employee experience.

What Is The Employee Experience?

The employee experience isn’t just a new name for employee engagement. There are fundamental differences. Engagement programs are designed to help staff members invest in the culture of the company.

Employee experience (EX) theory takes a different approach. EX is everything an employee experiences as they interact with your company. This includes primary job duties. Plus all the administrative tasks. 

To improve EX, you start by modifying corporate culture to adapt to the way staff members are already performing their jobs.

Because the onus of change is on the organization, EX programs are more likely to create engagement.

Successful EX Increases Loyalty

Employee loyalty lowers turnover.

Long-time employees accomplish disproportionately more than newer ones.

Lower employee turnover saves money on hiring, training, and severance.  Plus, when a spot goes unfilled, you may spend money on overtime for those that fill in. 

Customer service can plummet when you’re short-staffed. 

EX Increases Productivity

Happy employees contribute more. They are creative and motivated. They are invested in the collective success of the workforce.

Large employers have been focusing on EX for several years. Smaller organizations should pay attention if they want to compete.

Happy staff members improve the reputation of your company.

Employee Experience Should Be At The Heart Of HR

How can Human Resources improve EX?

Implement a unified HR portal like WorkforceHUB. It will improve every interaction employees have with Human Resources and payroll. It also streamlines interactions with managers about scheduling, time off, and time cards.

WorkforceHUB from Absolute Payroll Inc redefines the way associates engage with your company.

Let’s look at a few of the workflows in WorkforceHUB.


Nothing creates success like a smooth onboarding experience. Create an onboarding experience in WorkforceHUB on par with the most innovative employers.


Payroll frustration drive your employees crazy. And they give your company a bad reputation. With HUB, employees can access payroll information 24/7 from the mobile app.

Benefits Enrollment

Offering competitive benefits attracts job candidates to your company. Making it easy to manage benefits keeps them there.

Employees compare plans, enroll, and sign forms in the portal. Centralized management and e-signatures streamline everything for your team.

Employee Engagement

HUB includes a company directory, of course, but also a suggestion box and recognition wall. You can develop your own engagement programs in HUB. How about employee spotlights, company-wide brainstorming, random acts of fun, and event planning contests? 


Self-managed online onboarding helps new hires complete the documents at their convenience. New hires can complete the process in a comfortable setting. It’s a welcome improvement over being handed a pile of papers.

Time and Attendance

WorkforceHUB includes TimeWorksPlus, the employee favorite. When TimeWorksPlus is linked to one of our time clocks, clock in is smooth and easy. Hours are tracked accurately. Workers don’t have to fill out paper time cards. The clock reminds employees of missed punches so they can fix them before payday. TimeWorksPlus creates payroll integrity employees can trust.


TimeSimplicity is the impressive scheduling tool in WorkforceHUB. Workers can see their schedule, swap shifts, request time off, and manage FMLA in the portal. Simple. Brilliant.

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Absolute Payroll Inc offers WorkforceHUB, the unified Human Resources portal that makes it easy to optimize the performance of your supervisors, employees, and organization.

WorkforceHUB includes TimeWorksPlus, TimeSimplicity, TimeWorks Mobile, and ApplicantStack. We’ve just added recruitment, onboarding, benefits enrollment, performance reviews, and employee engagement! WorkforceHUB is developed for busy employers like you who need to reduce cost-per-hire, streamline scheduling, automate time tracking, maintain regulatory compliance, and reduce labor costs.

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